I was lucky enough to be asked by Mari Frank  to speak on her radio show about Identity Theft, and about Criminal Identity Theft in particular. It was very nice of her to invite me, and I enjoyed doing it. The 30 minute interview aired this morning on her show “Privacy Piracy” on KUCI at 8am PST. I thought it went pretty well. They also did a very nice write up about me on their website. I know many of you had to work or were otherwise busy, but I was able to secure a digital copy of the interview for your enjoyment and knowledge.Link is below……..

I would like to thank Ms. Frank for helping me spread the word about the dangers of the lesser known aspect of Identity Theft which is Criminal Identity Theft. Please listen, comment, and share on social media. This information can definitely save others from this nightmare happening to them or even you.


Last modified on July 20, 2015

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