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Identity Theft Tips For The Holidays

Wednesday, November 22nd, 2017

Avoid Identity Theft this holiday season by following these easy tips.

Hold your mail if traveling.

You see, Identity thieves are still up to their old tricks. The holiday season is when people travel. Leaving their mailboxes unattended. Identity thieves know this so they are out hitting mailboxes if there are any signs that you are gone. Think about it, if you have a weeks worth of mail sitting in your mailbox it is very likely that there is enough info in there for someone to steal your identity. Bank statements, credit card statements, etc. Also, a full mailbox and an empty driveway are an open invitation for burglary.Luckily the USPS has a hold mail service, just go to and request that your carrier “hold” your mail until your return date. Or just leave a note for your carrier in your mailbox.


If ordering online, invest in a door camera.

Parcel Pirates are out there. These guys follow delivery trucks around and straight up steal your parcels right off of your porch. Right in the middle of the day and get away with it. As a mail carrier myself, I highly recommend getting a doorbell/front door camera. I have seen these thieves get busted just by posting the footage of the thief on your local community facebook site. In most cases though, a home is less likely to be targeted just because the system is present.


Sign up for an identity monitoring service.


Yes, and finally the Identity Monitoring service. It’s time people. Identity monitoring services are now a necessity. With the data breaches, the skimmers, the ever evolving tactics for compromising your personal information. You definitely need LifeLock. I have it, I recommend it, and you know my story. While they cannot defend or prevent all identity theft, they find the warning signs way faster than you could, and they help resolve the issues quickly. Start your membership today, right here, and get 10% off.

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